Snowdog For Hunting

Our Snowdogs are a great choice for hunting.

We recommend:

13HP Snowdog Standard with Reverse in Green Camo

Snowdog Standard in Green Camo

The 13HP Briggs and Stratton motor gives you up to 1,100 lbs towing capacity on snow and ice. It will also pull a deer or even a moose out of the bush. The Snowdog is only 24" wide, and can get to a lot of places that a quad, argo, or side by side can't, allowing you to get up and close to your animal. All Snowdogs come with a front-mount tow hook included. The reverse option is also a great feature, simply activate reverse and you don't have to turn the machine 180 degrees. Back right out the same path you followed in - animal in tow!

Heated Handle Bar Bag

Everyone hates when your phone, or GPS freezes and becomes sluggish, or the battery dies. Prevent both of those with the Snowdog heated handle bar bag. Water resistant - it keeps your electronics, maps and other personal items out of the elements. PLUS it features an electronic heat pad that connects into the Snowdog's electrical system. Pair that with the onboard 12V charger and you will have 100% battery life, and 100% more fun.

Sled with hitch and wear bar

Sled with hitch and wear bar

The sled can keep you out boggy marsh as you glide through with ease. Also use it in the winter months to get to your game stand without trudging through snow. Also plenty of room for small game animals - ducks, geese, rabbit, whatever your preference!


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