Snowdog for Ice Fishing

Our Snowdogs are a great choice for ice fishing.

We recommend:

13HP Snowdog Standard in Snow Camo

Snowdog Standard in White Camo

The 13HP Briggs and Stratton motor gives you up to 1,100 lbs towing capacity on the ice. That's enough for 2 buddies, all your gear AND a flip over shack.

The standard Snowdog model has more cargo space than the compact Snowdog. You can fit a 5 gallon pail, fish finder, jerry can, or whatever you'd like!

Heated Handle Bar Bag

Snow Camo Heated Handlebar Bag

Everyone hates when your phone, or GPS freezes and becomes sluggish, or the battery dies. Prevent both of those with the Snowdog heated handle bar bag. Water resistant - it keeps your electronics, maps and other personal items out of the elements. PLUS it features an electronic heat pad that connects into the Snowdog's electrical system. Pair that with the onboard 12V charger and you will have 100% battery life, and 100% more fun.

Sled with hitch and wear bar

Sled with hitch and wear bar

You need somewhere to ride! The sled is long enough that you can easily fit a hand auger, tackle bag and small heater. Plus with the receiver on the back of the sled you can easily train other sleds for more friends and more gear!

Swivel seat with 2 cup holders

Swivel seat with cup holders

The swivel seat is great because it's comfortable, and has a strong back. If you're a bigger guy you know what it's like on the back to sit on a cheap seat. The seat also provides clearance over top of the sled, so you can fit your gear underneath. The swivel action is also nice because you can just turn your chair to the side and easily access your ice fishing holes. 

Also - two cup holders. For holding cups. Hot or cold!

So you want to take a Snowdog Ice Fishing!? Contact us today for a free demo!