Dayco HP2036 Drive Belt for Twin Track and Long Track Snowdogs

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The Dayco HP2036 drive belt is an improved fit for the new Twin Track and Long Track Snowdogs!  This belt will fitwithout any adjustment required!  It just fits better.

You will notice better initial engagement, smoother acceleration and more consistent speeds!

The RecRev team tested this belt on the 2022 Twin Track model Snowdog, and we were immediately impressed by the improvements in responsiveness and speed.  This belt is a great choice as a backup, or as an upgrade to your existing setup.

Dayco POWER HP snowmobile belts are manufactured from a specially formulated fiber reinforced polychloroprene rubber compound and aramid cords to ensure superior strength and dimensional stability for lower horsepower sleds. The POWER HP snowmobile belt provides longlasting belt life in these applications and dependable, smooth performance for leisure, care-free trail riding.