Fasteners Kit

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Do you have a screw loose?  Can't find your nuts?  This package contains all of the screws, bolts, nuts, washers you need for your Compact or Standard size Snowdog, and even the electrical connectors for the headlight!

Sold as a complete kit only.

This kit contains the following:
Connector type A  1 pc
Connector type B  1 pc
Key  2 pcs
M6 nut (clip)  10 pcs
Nut M10x1.5  30 pcs
Nut M6x12  10 pcs
Nut M8  30 pcs
Rivet nut M8  10 pcs
Screw 3.5x25  10 pcs
Screw 4.2x19  10 pcs
Screw 5/16"  2 pcs
Screw 7/16"  2 pcs
Screw M10x15-15x40  4 pcs
Screw M10x30  10 pcs
Screw M12x30  10 pcs
Screw M6x16  30 pcs
Screw M6x20  30 pcs
Screw M6x25  30 pcs
Screw M8x20  10 pcs
Screw M8x20  10 pcs
Washer 10x30  4 pcs
Washer 12x44  4 pcs
Washer 8x24  10 pcs
Washer 8х40х3  10 pcs