Replacement Cover Kit for Standard 13HP Snowdog

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Snowdog Standard WR Cover for 2018 (and earlier) model machines.

If you find your cover is showing signs of age or if it's been damaged, this replacement kit will make your Snowdog look new again!

This kit includes the main body cover, chain guard cover and cargo divider flap.  Mounting screws are sold separately (see Cover Fastener Kit)

Please note that Snowdog covers are model-specific.  This will only fit Standard machines that are 2018 or newer.  If you're not sure which cover is for you, email us with your machine's serial number and we'll gladly look it up!

These covers should fit models with the following serial numbers:

Standard B13ME WR [Serial# ending in 004162-004271]
Standard B13ME WR [Serial# ending in 004272-004336]
Standard S-B13ME WR [Serial# ending in 005524-005566] 
Standard S-B13ME WR [Serial# ending in 005679-006043]
Standard S-B13ME WR [Serial# ending in 006044-006293]
Standard S-B13ME WR [Serial# ending in 006494-006606]
Standard S-B13ME WR [Serial# ending in 006632-006839]
Standard S-B13ME WR [Serial# ending in 008196-008210]
Standard S-B13ME WR [Serial# ending in 008531-008630]
Standard S-B13MER WR [Serial# ending in 007914-008083]
Standard S-B13MER WR6 [Serial# ending in 008359-008408]
Standard S-B13MER WR7 [Serial# ending in 008631-008770]