Installing the Reverse Gear Kit on a Snowdog

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Installing the Reverse Gear Kit on a Snowdog

We recently got our hands on a Reverse Gear Kit for our 13HP machines. Reverse is a game changer for Snowdog machines because:

  • You can back off of a trailer
  • You can back out of tight places
  • You went too far past your ice fishing hole and don't want to turn around
  • If you happen to bury the machine in deep snow while grooming or having fun in the bush, you can back your self out and turn around, or back out and hit the same track in forward gear head on.

The Reverse Gear Kit can be installed on the following models:

  • COMPACT C-B13ME - *Note the lever cable is a little long for the compact.

The reverse gear kit comes with all the bolts and screws you need, as well as additional zip ties because you'll have to cut the original ones off.

It's a pretty easy install, and since Recreation Revolution are your Snowdog experts - we thought we'd try it out first. Snowdog recommends about 2-3 hours for install. 

The instructions can be found here: Snowdog Reverse Gear Installation Instructions

Here are our some pictures of our progress:

1. Removing the motor

13hp Snowdog Standard - Before installing the reverse gear

2. Reverse gear kit on it's own

Reverse kit for Snowdog 13hp Standard & Compact

3. Motor removed

4. Reverse gear kit in place

Reverse kit installed in a 13HP Standard Snowdog

5. Pre-drilling for reverse lever

Installing the reverse lever on the handle

6. Reverse lever installed

Reverse lever installed

7. Back to normal!

Snowdog 13HP standard after reverse install

So if you didn't splurge for the reverse option when you bought your Snowdog, the reverse gear kit is a great add-on that will make your machine even more useful. 

Update: Here is a video of a Reverse Gear install on a Compact Snowdog:

Reach out to us if you have any questions.

Your in the outdoors!

Brian & Sean.