Snowdog Reverse Gear Box - Do You Need An Alignment?

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Snowdog Reverse Gear Box - Do You Need An Alignment?

The ME/MER Reverse Gearbox makes your Snowdog even more versatile, allowing you to load and unload easier, back out of tight spaces, haul heavy things out of the bush without having to turn around, and much more.

Recently, we were installing a new reverse gear kit in a Compact 13HP Snowdog and we noticed some things that we thought were important to consider down the road.

Alignment and Spacing are Important

The Reverse Gearbox and the engine are attached to a plate that is bolted to the frame of your Snowdog.  If the engine mount bolts vibrate loose (it can happen) it could allow the engine to shift position, putting the clutch out of alignment with the driven pulley.  This may cause excessive wear on the belt, or diminished power or performance.  It may even prevent your Reverse Gearbox from functioning properly.

At least once a season, it's a good idea to check this measurement:

...and also the alignment of the pulleys:

If the spacing isn't correct or if the pulleys aren't aligned, you can adjust the position of the engine by loosening the four bolts at the base of the engine block and repositioning the engine.