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Quick guide to basic Snowdog parts

If you're looking to make some improvements on your 13HP Snowdog, the best place to start is with the basics:  Spark Plug, Chain, and Belt.  These are easily changed, and give you an immediate benefit, even if that benefit is "peace of mind".


There's plenty of feedback to be found online that says the OEM spark plugs that come with your Snowdog are.. well... not great.  If you want to maximize fuel economy and power, a quick spark plug change is a great start. 

There are several brands of Spark Plug to choose from, but if you're scouring the Facebook Groups to see what the favourites are, you'll see these come up most frequently:




We don't sell these in our online store because they're very easy to find at most small engine repair stores like Canadian Tire, PartSource, or even Amazon.  If you prefer to buy local, check out your neighbourhood small engine shop, like our friends at Ideal Small Engine right here in Winnipeg.  Tell them we sent you!


The Snowdog chains have been improved over the last two years, which is encouraging.  On the newest models, they've even moved to a continuous chain (no master link), and a heavier chain. All good things.  Still, having a replacement chain is a great way to avoid downtime.  We have two options:

The Snowdog OEM 62-link Chain Kit with Master Link, which is the go-to replacement chain.

The Aftermarket Chain and Master Link Kit is a standard #50 chain, which is heavier and slightly wider chain than the OEM version.


Anyone who rides long distances will tell you that a spare belt is an essential part of any rescue kit.  Belts should be replaced when they are noticeably worn, or if they become cracked and dry.  This will ensure smooth and powerful take-off, and consistent power throughout your ride.

We have two options for belts:

The OEM Belt is the one that came with your machine, straight from Mother Russia.  Guaranteed to fit.

There's also an Aftermarket Belt that works just as well, and is generally easier to get in Canada!  Cheaper, too.


Where Else Can I Get Help?

We do our best to update this blog section as often as possible.  Check back here often for updates!  But if there's an issue that you need fixed right now, there are some great online resources that are completely free!

Want to see how someone else fixed their machine?  Need to know how to change that belt or how to adjust the chain tension?  The Snowdog Canada Group is all about Snowdogs, and Snowdog-related information. Whether it's how to fix it, modify it, or load it in your car, you'll find all kinds of useful information there.