What's a power box and why do I NEED one?

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What's a power box and why do I NEED one?

In it's simplest form - a power box is a portal power supply used for charging small electronics. Also known as a smart battery box, or battery box- it is typically a 12 volt battery with an hard casing, and a number of different ports and connections  (like our Dakota Lithium box) including: solar power/charging input, USB ports, built in lights, UV charging (for fishing jigs), and voltmeters. 

The USB power option is great because you can charge your phones, flashlights, cameras, GPS or anything else!

The solar input is a great option as it can fold up into a smaller footprint and charge your battery on the go. Set it up on the boat, the canoe, outside your camping trailer/tent, ice fishing shack or even rest it on the Snowdog! 

Depending on your application you may want to opt for waterproof model that keeps the elements out.

Great for the adventure lifestyle. Power - wherever you need it!

We recently expanded our product line to include the Dakota Lithium Power Box 10 . It's a great intro model from a proven brand that is light weight and give you lots of power!