UHMW Replacement Runners for Snowdog Sled, 50.5" long

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Extend the life of your Snowdog sled with this complete set of UHMW replacement runners.  UHMW is a plastic material that's stronger and more abrasion-resistant than the stock HDPE runners.   These are the same size as the stock runners, just a better quality material.

UHMW is tough, slick, and durable with high tensile strength. It's also highly resistant to corrosive chemicals, wear, abrasion, impact, moisture, and cold temperatures.

Runners are beveled on one end and are 50.5" long (1283 mm).

Plated Steel mounting screws are included. 

This is a special-order item and may require up to 5 days lead time before we can ship to you.

We wrote about these runners in a blog post.  Read about it here!