Where is my Serial Number?

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Where is my Serial Number?

From time to time, you may need to refer to your Snowdog's serial number.  Whether it's in the unlikely event you need warranty service, or perhaps you're bored and just want to memorize long numbers... we don't judge.  In any case, we sincerely hope that you never have to worry about finding your serial numbers.  

There's More Than One Serial Number!

There are actually TWO serial numbers on your Snowdog: one is for the Snowdog as an assembly, the other is for the engine.  

Most Snowdogs have a serial number sticker or stamp on the engine mounting plate near the front of the machine.  Sometimes it's on a sticker. but on older machines, it may also be stamped into the base plate. 

If you need to look for the serial number of the engine, it's almost as easy!  On the forward-facing side of the engine base, there's a sticker with the serial number and Briggs "family" number printed on it, and it looks like this:
If you have an older machine with an older model engine, or if your engine doesn't have a sticker like this one, the serial number may be located on a tag that's attached to the forward-facing side of the gas tank, in this spot:
(this one doesn't have the serial number sticker in that spot, so you'll have to use your imagination)

What If I Still Can't Find It?

We recommend asking your dealer!  Typically, your dealer would register your purchase with Snowdog in order to activate your warranty, so they would have your serial numbers on file.

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