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Your Snowdog is designed to be easy to operate, and easy to service. That's one of our favorite features of the Snowdog, and a reason why it's so popular with a wide range of users.   As with any machine, there is a level of "regular maintenance" that has to be done in order to keep your Snowdog in top running condition.  Oil changes, belt and chain inspections will go a long way, but for long-term reliability, it never hurts to do a thorough inspection, right down to the nuts and bolts. Start with the basics On every Snowdog, the engine...

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Do I need to insure it? No.  One of our favorite features of the Snowdog is the fact that you don't need any additional insurance to ride them.  You can ride your machine the very same day you bring it home.  Generally, Snowdogs are not considered "off-road vehicles" and as such they are not subject to the same requirements as snowmobiles or all-terrain vehicles.  One of the users in the Snowdog Canada Facebook Group went to the trouble of checking with the Ontario government Ministry of Transportation to get an answer about this (thanks, Mauro!).  Here's what they responded: Based...

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If you’ve purchased (or you’re thinking of purchasing) a SnowDog, you might have some questions about the care and maintenance of these machines.  While they’re not complicated like a car (or snowmobile or ATV) they do require some basic maintenance, most of which can be done without any specialized tools or training. Break-In Period Your new Snowdog likely has less than 60 minutes of run time on the engine when you receive it.  All engines have a break-in period where you just need to let them run, or in some cases, cough and sputter for a few minutes until they...

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