What kind of belt is best for a Snowdog? - We Belted It Out With The Dayco Expert!

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What kind of belt is best for a Snowdog? - We Belted It Out With The Dayco Expert!

What kind of belt is best for a Snowdog?

One of our challenges as a Snowdog dealer these last few years has been finding parts. It's been a particular challenge finding a reliable source for the belts!  

We reached out to Dayco - industry leaders in drive belts, and that's how we met Dave!  We asked Dave for help finding the best belts for our machines, and boy, did he come through!  We recently met up at the RecRev testing grounds (Sean's house) to see how these belts would compare to the stock Snowdog belts.  We were impressed by the results.

We took the opportunity to talk with Dave about the technical aspects of drive belts, and why they're important.  We also talked a lot about fishing, but that's a post for another day.

Here's what we learned:

Always Wash Your... BELT

If you've ever put a new belt on a Snowdog, or if your Snowdog is brand new, you might notice a buildup of black powder or oily residue inside the hood, where it covers the belt.  This is normal, but it's not great.  That residue is from the particles of rubber and fabric that were on the belt after it was manufactured.  Those particles warm up as the belt moves through the clutch and pulley, melt, and fly off the belt.  In some cases, that residue could also accumulate on the clutch plates, where they could create bumps that wear on the belt over time. 

You can avoid this problem by giving your belts a quick wash, either in the sink with some warm water and wipe down with a cloth, or even in the dishwasher (not with the dinner dishes though).  Dave suggests that the quick rinse cycle in the dishwasher is all it takes, and will greatly reduce the residue leftover from a new belt.

Size Matters

Belt length and width are critical in CVT vehicles like ATVs, Snowmobiles, Snowdogs and other tracksleds.  If the belt is too long, it requires a higher-than-normal RPM to engage, and you lose top-end speed.  When stopped, the belt should be just barely touching the primary clutch shaft, but should also be flush with the outside edge of the secondary (driven) pulley, with minimal slack in between.

As for width, the belt should be wide enough to sit mostly flush with the driven pulley.  A belt that's too narrow won't engage properly, if at all.

There is a Break-In period!

You can maximize the life of your drive belts by letting them "heat cycle" at least once after installation.  After you put the new belt on, go for a 10-20 minute drive, making sure to vary your speed as much as possible.  After your ride, park your Snowdog and let the belt cool down completely.  That's it!  

So how did they perform?

We noticed a HUGE difference from the stock Snowdog belt. We noticed better start and acceleration, and even more consistent power and top speed.  A good belt is important, but a better-fitting belt is a game-changer.  

In addition we immediately noticed less drift in the belt up and down on the CVT clutch. According to Dave (and Dayco) - less drift = less wear!

We Have Them In Your Size

Dave was kind enough to match up the belts that our customers would need the most.  These are a tad more snug than the standard stock belts. While we have access to all the belts that Dayco offers (including ATV and Snowmobile belts), here are the quick links for the various Snowdig models:

Belt for Snowdog with 7 & 10 HP Engines (Older Standard or Compact versions)

Belt for Snowdog with Briggs & Stratton 13 HP Engines, including 13HP Compact, Standard, Utility and Sport ModelsThis belt will also fit on the Tinger Dog!  It’s important to note that on the Sport model, we also compared the Dayco HP3028 belt, which many Snowdog users have said is the closest in terms of size to the stock belt.  That may be true, but the HP2029 is still a better fit on the Snowdog.

Belt for Long Track and Twin Track Snowdog

Give these belts a try on your machine before the winter season is up. We have lots in stock!