Review of the 2023 Snowdog Sport

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Review of the 2023 Snowdog Sport

First Look at the 2023 Snowdog Sport

You might be wondering what the difference between the 2023 Snowdog Sport and previous years. The new 2023 Snowdogs are starting to make their way to dealers across Canada! We thought you might like to see what’s new, and what we think these changes will mean for you!

The 2021-2022 season was challenging, with very few machines available, and a serious shortage of parts, but 2023 is shaping up to be better!  With brand new machines available, assembly plants operating in the US and in Canada, we’re excited about this season.

Our new machines arrived, and we’re excited to say that there were some really nice improvements in fit and function.  Here are a few of the updates we noticed right out of the crate!

Eric standing behind a new shipment of 2023 Snowdogs

Eric is shown in this photo sharing his sheer excitement at the arrival of our new Snowdogs!

Improved Engine Mount

The engine is no longer mounted on a large plate along with the reverse gearbox.  Instead, it’s attached to a much more accessible plate, so the engine can be removed independently of the reverse gearbox.  We like this change because it makes it much simpler to access the engine, and even easier to access the reverse gearbox if you ever had to remove it.  This change, however, means the oil drain plugs are not very accessible.  For those of us who use a vacuum pump to remove the oil via the filler tube, that’s not a problem.  If you don’t already use the vacuum pump method to change your oil, it’s worth a look!  We have an article about how that’s done, and we’ve found it to be a relatively quick and clean way to change the oil.

New Frame and Decking!

Powder coated deck on 2023 Snowdog Sport

Our team of scientists hasn’t completed their analysis yet, but so far we love the new powder coated stee decking.  Some of the tubular frame bars have been modified to improve styling, especially in the cargo area, and the 2022-2023 model still has the “outside the frame” support bars for the handlebars, making it easier to apply downward pressure on the rear of the machine for improved turning and climbing.

The Rear Fender is Improved

Rear fender for 2023 Snowdog Sport

We’ve broken a couple of rear fenders on earlier versions of the Sport models in heavy snow, so we’re hoping this change will fix that problem. The rear fender is made of the same durable plastic used for the sides of the machine, but in black.  It’s thicker, and while it’s not flexible, it should do a great job of deflecting snow while driving in powder.

There’s a Chain Tensioner!

Chain tensioner on 2023 Snowdog Sport

We’d heard rumors of a simpler method of adjusting the chain tension, but until now, they were just rumors. Until now, you had to loosen 6 bolts on your snowdog deck and slide the engine mounting plate backwards in order to adjust the tension on your chain.  It was a time-consuming (and not at all satisfying) process.  Now, achieving ideal chain tension is a breeze! 

Handlebar Adjustments Are Easier

The handlebar adjustment is different, with an adjustment bracket on the support bar!  This means when you adjust the height of the handlebars, it doesn’t affect the way the handlebars fold up for storage!

Keep your carburetor cozy!

Carburator cover for 2023 Snowdog Sport

There’s an optional Carburetor Cover to keep your Snowdog’s air intake and carburetor covered, and toasty warm on those cold, blustery days. Think “carb toque”.  It only comes in black, and can be installed in seconds. It fits over the intake and wraps around the bottom of the carburetor bowl.  For those -40C days, we’re thinking this is going to be great.

The Cargo Box is Awesome!

Cargo utility box on 2023 Snowdog Sport

The optional cargo box is a roto-molded plastic case designed to fit perfectly in the cargo area of your Sport or Utility Snowdog. It looks amazing, and can be secured into the cargo area with rubber tie-downs.  It even has a shoulder strap so you can take it with you!  The rubber T-handle latch keeps it securely closed, and there’s a gasket inside the lid for a tight seal. We have not tested the capacity of the cargo box yet, but we expect great things. Fair warning: quantities are very limited.  

They are assembled in Canada!

Snowdog 2023 Sport Assembled in Canada

The Verdict…

We’re optimistic that all of these improvements and changes will all be great, and will only help to improve the Snowdog experience. And if you find any other changes that we didn’t mention here, we’d love to hear from you.  Spoiler Alert: We intentionally left out at least two changes.  They’re great.  You’ll love them.  

We hope to post some video updates so you can see how much fun these machines are to ride, whether you’re out for a day of fishing, breaking new trails or just exploring the great outdoors.  Thanks for visiting!