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Canmore Area Mountain Bike Association: Over the last two years we have learned a lot about what maintaining a SnowDog groomer looks like, especially with the older machine. The older SnowDog, while a great little machine, has required a lot of maintenance to keep it running. It has also been a bit of a handful to operate due to an inherent design issue with the clutch system that SnowDog designed the machine around. To us, it seemed like a real shame to let a perfectly good machine sit mostly unused due to an issue with a small part of it, so we chose to dig deeper to see if we could breathe some new life into the old dog.

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We’ve talked a lot about how useful Snowdog machines are. They’re lightweight, and easy to get into tight places that a quad or snowmobile can’t. Did you know that you can also use your Snowdog for fat bike and cross country ski trail grooming? With two groomers available specific to each past-time Recreation Revolution offer:  Snowdog Cross Country Ski Trail Groomer Snowdog Single Track (Fat bike or mountain bike) trail groomer Now grooming trails in Canada is as easy as hooking attaching the groomer to your Snowdog and going for a ride. The Snowdog machine grooms the initial part of...

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