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Recently, we had a customer bring us his machine because of a mysterious loss of connection between the battery and everything else.  Nothing electrical was working: electric start, lights, or heated grips.  Very frustrating! We'd had strange issues like this before, so we went through all the typical troubleshooting steps we'd done before, but with no luck. In this article, we'll go through some of the troubleshooting steps we'd take in a situation like this, and we'll show you what the solution was for this customer.  When electrical problems appear, there are some pretty basic steps to follow that will generally...

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On May 31st, 2019, we were invited to teach the "Outdoor Mechanics" course at the Becoming an Outdoorswoman weekend, hosted by the Manitoba Wildlife Federation.  We were really excited to participate and share the experience we've gained since we started Recreation Revolution just over a year ago. The MWF felt it must have been a good fit for us to be there since we clearly have some experience working on some small engines, and we've learned a lot through feedback from our customers, and by servicing our own machines!   Our goal with the program (our program was 3 hours long) was...

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