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Your Snowdog is designed to be easy to operate, and easy to service. That's one of our favorite features of the Snowdog, and a reason why it's so popular with a wide range of users.   As with any machine, there is a level of "regular maintenance" that has to be done in order to keep your Snowdog in top running condition.  Oil changes, belt and chain inspections will go a long way, but for long-term reliability, it never hurts to do a thorough inspection, right down to the nuts and bolts. Start with the basics On every Snowdog, the engine...

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Over the Christmas holiday break, I tested two machines, and took them out along the same trails, on the same lakes, and through the same range of conditions.  While I’m sure I didn’t cover all of the possibilities you might encounter in your travels, I think I can at least help narrow your choices. To lay the groundwork (you know, for science), these are the machines I tested:  the Snowdog 10HP Compact model, and the 13HP Standard model with Reverse option.  I picked these two because I had to see for myself If the Reverse option was worth it.  Also, I wanted...

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Snowdog has discontinued the 10HP machines and is only making 13HP now. Recreation Revolution has managed to secure special pricing on the discontinued 10HP Snowdog Machines. We have Standard & Compact in stock in various colours.  Talk to us today and let's make a deal!

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