A Day With the Dogs

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A Day With the Dogs

Here in Manitoba we are lucky to be surrounded by so many amazing destinations where anyone can experience adventure on their own terms. If you are a dedicated Fisherman, then that adventure includes going out to explore the amazing lakes and rivers scattered around our province. Having seen only a fraction of these destinations, it was time to use the new Snowdog to its full potential and do some pioneering for ourselves.

Luckily, Hooked Magazine was planning an adventure to hunt for Whitefish In Clear Lake!
This was an awesome opportunity not only to explore somewhere new, but to also show off Snowdogs to some of the coolest people in the game: Kevin Stobbe, Andrew Galloway who organized the trip,  Don Lamont, the Editor of Hooked Magazine, and our guide for the day Dan Kiazyk of CatEye Outfitters who lead us to the perfect spot. We even had the YouTube star “Big China” of Big China Outdoors, Garther Chung! 

Amazing weather greeted us at Clear lake and after a Quick Stop At the Elkhorn Resort to pick up our fishing licences, everyone gathered at the meeting point. Wasting no time, we unloaded the SnowDogs with ease, started them up and began loading gear for 5 people. With the large towing capacity of both the Compact and Standard units, the SnowDogs quickly became a hit as we hauled everyone and their gear out to the spot Dan Kaizyk picked out for us. What a spot it was! Dan knows his stuff. Within no time Big China landed the first fish of the day and the pressure was on. Whitefish can be a picky catch if you don't have the right presentation and it’s made even more difficult by the Fishing Restrictions set by the National park with No Lead in your tackle box.  

There are other restrictions too, at Clear Lake, which we learned at the end of the day.  Restrictions also include the use of vehicles on the lake where only “Over Snow Vehicles” make the cut. Turns out “tracked vehicles” means “snowmobiles”, and since SnowDogs are new to Manitoba, they were a bit of a conundrum for the park rangers and we had a great visit with them about our machines.  Lesson learned: speak with the Park Authorities if you’re not sure about whether or not Snowdogs are subject to any restrictions. Check out our webpage for more information about how Snowdogs can help you and your friends explore new places!

Had a fun day!  Big China even took some video of our day, you can see it here!

Happy Fishing/Exploring