Focus on the Fasteners

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Focus on the Fasteners

Your Snowdog is designed to be easy to operate, and easy to service. That's one of our favorite features of the Snowdog, and a reason why it's so popular with a wide range of users.  

As with any machine, there is a level of "regular maintenance" that has to be done in order to keep your Snowdog in top running condition.  Oil changes, belt and chain inspections will go a long way, but for long-term reliability, it never hurts to do a thorough inspection, right down to the nuts and bolts.

Start with the basics

On every Snowdog, the engine and gearbox mount to a plate, which is then bolted to the platform of the Snowdog.  At least once a season, it's good practice to tighten the engine mount bolts, and the bolts on the gearbox.  Then, check the six bolts that hold that mounting plate to the platform.  These things will ensure that the engine remains properly aligned with the gearbox, and that the chain doesn't get too loose.  If any of these fasteners are damaged or missing, get new ones immediately.

..then check the rest!

Those 14 (or so) bolts are arguably the most important to check on a regular basis, but did you know that your Snowdog has upwards of 100 different fasteners, including nuts, bolts, rivnuts, captive nut clips and more?

Most of them are commonly available at your local home improvement or hardware store, but for the price of the kit, you can make a wide range of repairs with minimal effort.

The Complete Fastener Kit (shown above) contains a range of commonly needed fasteners, bolts, nuts, washers and threaded inserts for your Snowdog, and a few extras of each one (note that there are actually 4 of the handlebar shoulder bolts).

Items include:

  • Snowdog Handlebar Bolts
  • Snowdog Frame Rivnuts
  • Snowdog Replacement Washers
  • Snowdog Baseplate Bolts
  • Snowdog Cover Fasteners/Boolts
  • Snowdog Light Connectors
  • Inserts for Platform

If you're doing a through inspection of your machine and come across a missing or damaged bolt, nut or insert, but don't know what size it is, you can also refer to the Snowdog Parts Manual (ask us if you need a free copy).