Grooming Fat Bike and Cross Country Ski Trails using a Snowdog

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Grooming Fat Bike and Cross Country Ski Trails using a Snowdog

We’ve talked a lot about how useful Snowdog machines are. They’re lightweight, and easy to get into tight places that a quad or snowmobile can’t. Did you know that you can also use your Snowdog for fat bike and cross country ski trail grooming?

With two groomers available specific to each past-time Recreation Revolution offer:

 Snowdog Cross Country Ski Trail Groomer
Snowdog Single Track (Fat bike or mountain bike) trail groomer

Now grooming trails in Canada is as easy as hooking attaching the groomer to your Snowdog and going for a ride. The Snowdog machine grooms the initial part of the snow providing a 20” packed trail and the groomer follows the machine providing one or two tracks.

Our friend Wayne Bishop @ 2WheelRevolution  uses his Snowdog with Fatbike Trail Groomer to maintain trails for clubs and the general public to use around Winnipeg and across all of Manitoba. Wayne says:

“The Snowdog is the best option for grooming tight single track in the forested trails of Manitoba. It’s a powerfully compact and it is our weapon of choice for kilometres of Fat bike trails in our region.” 

Here’s a before and after Wayne took using his Snowdog and Fatbike Groomer.

Before and After using a Snowdog Machine with Fatbike Groomer

The other great thing about using a Snowdog for trail grooming is that it is cost effective - putting it in reach of Cross Country Ski and Fat Bike Clubs. A Compact Snowdog with Groomer will cost around $5000 plus taxes. Winnipeg saw about 50 snowfalls last year. With a 2 year warranty and a reliable Briggs and Stratton engine - this machines will pay for itself with grooming alone.

So there you have it - another great excuse to get out and enjoy the outdoors, and have FUN on your Snowdog.

Are you into Fat Biking or Cross Country Skiing? Do you have a need to go where most can’t? On a budget and want to add a useful tool to your arsenal? Contact us! We’d love to hear your thoughts.

If all of this sounds exciting and you want to try a FREE DEMO, reach out and say hello! We’ll come to you!

Sean @ Recreation Revolution