How The Revolution Started

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How The Revolution Started

For years, our friend group went fishing out on Lake of the Woods in January, Quad used for Ice Fishing on Lake of the woods, Ontarioand we stayed at a seasonal spot that wasn’t winterized, accessible only by a summer road.  For the first few years, we hiked in with pull-behind sleds, and eventually got snowshoes to make the trek into the cabin and out to the fishing spots more accessible. After a few years, we upgraded to a quad, which really made life easier… unless there was too much snow.  A sled (and the associated price tag) wasn’t an option since I wouldn’t use it enough.

After 10 years of trudging in and out, and being limited by the weather and snow conditions, we were almost ready to abandon our annual fishing trip.  Let’s be honest, we’re all getting older and just a little less enthusiastic about the “wilderness experience”. We certainly weren’t tired of the fishing, we just didn’t enjoy all the work it took to get to the good fishing spots.  Surely, there had to be something out there for us.

18" of snow proved difficult for a quad, Lake of the woods, Ontario, CanadaSo we started our search.  We looked everywhere for something that would allow us to travel more easily in any kind of outdoor conditions.  We wanted a means of transportation that was inexpensive to buy and maintain, easy to transport, and most of all could help us haul our gear.  We looked at snowmobiles (new and used) but didn’t like the high maintenance costs or the need for a trailer, not to mention the limited window of use we’d get each year.   Quads or side-by-sides with tracks have the same high cost (tracks for my Polaris 500 would be around $5,000!), and still require helmets and registration.

Then it happened. We found Snowdog!

Snowdog in Northwestern Ontario, Canada - sits right on top of deep snow!

They’re unique, for sure. They have the agility of a snowmobile, the portability of a lawn mower and the voice of a snowblower!  These little machines are so much fun to drive, you’ll find yourself looking for opportunities to get outdoors. You’ll be amazed at the effortless mobility you have on the ice, in the backwoods, or wherever your adventures take you.  

We saw so much potential in these little machines, that we wanted to bring them to Manitobans who want to get outdoors for fishing, hunting or even just taking the kids out for a ride.  Who doesn’t love a sleigh ride?

Every one of us at Recreation Revolution loves the great outdoors, and we want you to enjoy being outside as much as possible too.  Whether it’s ice fishing, hunting, or just touring the forest trails, we hope you’ll fall in love with the great outdoors again on a Snowdog.