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Insuring your Snowdog...

Do I need to insure it?

No.  One of our favorite features of the Snowdog is the fact that you don't need any additional insurance to ride them.  You can ride your machine the very same day you bring it home. 

Generally, Snowdogs are not considered "off-road vehicles" and as such they are not subject to the same requirements as snowmobiles or all-terrain vehicles. 

One of the users in the Snowdog Canada Facebook Group went to the trouble of checking with the Ontario government Ministry of Transportation to get an answer about this (thanks, Mauro!).  Here's what they responded:

Based on our current assessment, we have determined that the Snow Dog does not meet the classification requirements of an off-road vehicle (ORV) or motorized snow vehicle (MSV) under the Highway Traffic Act (HTA), Off-Road Vehicle Act (ORVA) or Motorized Snow Vehicle Act (MSVA) regulations.
ORVs and MSVs riders must meet registration requirements, and must obtain either a plate or permit to operate their vehicle on Ontario roads or lands (i.e., provincial highways, trails). Vehicles that do not meet the ministry’s requirements may only be used on private property (i.e. property must be owned by the vehicle operator or the vehicle owner must obtain permission from the property owner prior to operating their vehicle on the property owner’s property).
The Snowdog may also be operated on crown land, unless the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forests (MNRF) specifically prohibits public access to certain specific lands. Operators of the Snowdog must consult the MNRF to determine whether there are any restrictions in place which could prohibit operation of the vehicle on the land which the owner intends to operate the machine.

Can I insure it if I want to?

The short answer is "probably".  Some insurance companies won't insure your Snowdog at all because they're not sure how to classify it.  Some home insurance companies will cover your Snowdog as a "miscellaneous endorsement", and the rates would be based on rates used for a riding lawnmower with an engine of up to 30HP.  You can get similar liability coverage too. 

For the best answer to this question, we recommend you call your Home insurance company.