Why should I get a Snowdog?

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Why should I get a Snowdog?

SnowDog is an amazing new machine invented to become your best off-road “Buddy”, carrying heavy loads over long distances on snow, ice, and wild terrain. It is a radically different alternative to the snowmobile tailored towards the hunter, trapper or fisherman who wants an affordable, compact and highly versatile snow machine. You can comfortably sit in a sled with all your stuff and ride wherever you want, or use it to go through a forest where a large vehicle won’t pass. It is unbelievable how many tasks it can do. Fishing and hunting will become more productive and enjoyable. With a friend like SnowDog, even hard work can be turned into a fun adventure. 

Run and gun with ease - with your favourite beverage in the cup holder you can cruise at 30km/h between honey holes.

Your buddy doesn’t have a machine of his own? No problem! Hook up an extra sled behind and bring them along. SnowDogs can haul up to 1,1000lbs. Take your partner or favourite little ice fisher with you and never worry about lugging a trailer, fancy two-up seats, or quads that get stuck in deep powder.


  • Compact: fits in the trunk of a mini-van, SUV! No trailer required!
  • Safe: max speed is limited to 20 mph
  • Affordable: 1/3 the price of a snowmobile
  • Agile: goes where a man, ATV or snowmobile would not pass
  • Powerful: 10 hp hauls up to 650 lbs, or 13 hp hauls up to 1,100 lb on snow
  • Use all year round: goes through deep snow, ice, prairie or forest
  • Reliable: 2-year engine warranty
  • Economical: fuel consumption less than 0.5 gal per hour
  • (5 liters for 100 km)
  • Needs no registration*, license, not a subject to vehicle taxes

We know you’ll want a SnowDog of your own. Come talk to us out on the ice or Contact Us today about a FREE demo.

* (Note: MOT registration may be required in some provinces.)