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Between the early forest fire season, the warm weather, and crazy storms we’ve been having, it seems like the winter ice fishing season was a century ago. We met a lot of you out on the ice this year tooling around in our Snowdogs. The amazingly useful machine that changed our Ice Fishing for the better! We had a great season at Recreation Revolution! We met hundreds of people (hopefully including great folks like you), handed out just as many cups of delicious Tim Horton’s coffee, dug out stuck trucks on lake Winnipeg, sponsored 2 ice fishing derbies where pulled...

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Accessories, Emergency, Snowdog -

Snowdogs have proven themselves as fun, useful machines in and out of the winter months, but have you thought about applications beyond hunting, fishing, gathering firewood, or just tooling around? We have talked to a lot of people that love the idea of a Snowdog because it’s: Small Lightweight Versatile Cost effective when compared to an ATV or Snowmobile Consider taking these same benefits and applying them to a search and rescue or emergency service profession. As a first responder - firefighter, paramedic or search and rescue team member - wouldn’t it be amazing to have a Snowdog ready to...

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SnowDog is an amazing new machine invented to become your best off-road “Buddy”, carrying heavy loads over long distances on snow, ice, and wild terrain. It is a radically different alternative to the snowmobile tailored towards the hunter, trapper or fisherman who wants an affordable, compact and highly versatile snow machine. You can comfortably sit in a sled with all your stuff and ride wherever you want, or use it to go through a forest where a large vehicle won’t pass. It is unbelievable how many tasks it can do. Fishing and hunting will become more productive and enjoyable. With a friend...

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